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Best Lipsense Color for Fair Skin

The choice of lipstick is always exciting. It is sometimes difficult to pick the right color since the whole look depends on it. It is even harder to choose a natural lip liner. If you are facing the problem of selection a license, we are ready to help!

How to choose your ideal lipstick? Should its tone be lighter or darker? It seems to be an easy thing to decide on your makeup colors, but, in fact, it isn’t so. Do not panic – we are girls and have the arsenal in our beauty bag.

The skin of the lips is as gentle as the décolleté zone. It is constantly exposed to the external environment, which can be explained by the absence of a hydro-lipid barrier. Therefore, the main rule for your selection of lipstick is its moisturizing and nutrition function. However, if it is all about color, we have prepared five rules for choosing the ideal colors of lipstick for your fair skin type.

1. Pigmentation on the face

If you have pigmentation or a vascular reticulum on the face, do not pick up a lipstick of a cold pink tone. It will accentuate brown spots on your face.

2. Lighting affects the color of lipstick

In winter and with artificial lighting, you need to be especially careful with coral color since it gives off a greenish color, thus, distorting both the color of the skin and lipstick.

3. Remember about your skin & hair color

Lipstick is never to be much lighter or darker compared to the face skin tone. In order to get the ideal tone of your lipstick, it is necessary to remember about your skin color. In case of a fair skin, it is better to pick light shades in cold colors (for example, light pink).

Lipstick of bright colors looks well on dark-haired girls, while blondes should use coral, lilac, berry, and peach colors in their makeup. Of course, these are general rules, so when picking any lipstick, pay attention to individual features of your face!

4. Lipstick is what we eat

You should not forget that lipstick is on our lips, so there is a probability that we “eat” it. Therefore, choose a quality product that doesn’t contain heavy and toxic metals among its ingredients, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, titanium and many others.  

5. How to do a lipstick test

For a test, put lipstick on your lips instead of your wrist! After all, the skin on different face/ body zones is different. It is best to conduct a lipstick test on the upper half of your lips; the shadow will not fall there. What is more, you can use modern technologies and beauty applications to play with lipstick shades on your face.