Banana Powder

What Is Banana Powder? Do You Need It?

Banana powder is a product that has become popular in the makeup world relatively recently, but has been on the cosmetics market for a long time and is popular among makeup artists – banana powder. What is this product and why use it? Read about it in our article.

Banana powder – what is it?

Banana powder is an ordinary loose or pressed powder of a light yellow shade, which has nothing in common with banana.

The light yellow pastel shade of the powder helps to cope with dull skin tone and correct other color defects, and, of course, like other powders, such a product can matte the skin.

Banana powder is suitable for all skin tones and adapts to any complexion. Despite its color, banana powder does not leave a yellow tint on the skin: it rather looks transparent and just slightly changes the skin tone for the better.

Unlike hd powder, popular for use in evening makeup, banana powder does not glare in the photoflash and does not bleach the skin.

How did banana powder come about?

Banana powder entered makeup on the wave of popularity of the technique of baking, that is “baking” makeup. In this technique, powder powder light shade is applied a heavy layer on the protruding areas of the face and the areas that we want to highlight – for example, the area under the eyes and the exposed line of the lower jaw.

When working with the skin in this way, many people fell in love with the powder exactly of a light yellow, banana shade, because it allows correcting the skin tone and removing dullness. The powder of this shade revitalizes the face and makes it fresher.

How to apply banana powder?

After applying concealer to the protruding areas of the face according to the contouring scheme shown in the picture below, you should apply banana-colored powder to these areas using a wet sponge – for example, a BeautyBlender sponge or a fluffy powder brush.

Banana powder is applied in a generous, dense layer. After you apply the product to your skin, you will need to wait a few minutes for the powder to “settle” on it. Then brush off the excess powder and blend the rest.

Which banana powder should I choose?

Generally, banana shade powders are available in a loose format. We bring you our selection of banana face powders.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

One of the most sensational banana powders that has become a star among youtube bouti-bloggers. Kim Kardashian’s favorite for creating her famous makeup using the baking technique. According to the manufacturer, suitable for all skin types and does not emphasize flaking. The grinding is not the finest – the particles are rather medium in size. It mattifies the skin quite weakly.

Makeup Revolution Luxury Powder Banana

A more budget-friendly equivalent of the previous banana powder. It has no yellow tone and it matte the skin perfectly. The staying power of the product is excellent.

MUA Professional Loose Powder Banana Bake

Another inexpensive option of loose banana powder for baking technique. Cheaper than its predecessor.

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder Banana

It is probably the most affordable version of banana powder in our selection from Polish cosmetics brand, which, despite its cost, perfectly copes with its tasks: matting the skin, not drying it, has a very fine grinding, no yellowing.

Banana powder is primarily used in makeup to create a more natural-looking matte finish. It is also used to add a subtle highlight to the face and can be used to set makeup. While it may not be an essential item in every makeup bag, it is a useful product to have on hand.