Green and Black Nail Designs as a Trend of 2018

How to decorate your nails and make sure you are following the trend? What nail designs are considered must-have of 2018? If you do not track nail art trends, we will guide you and will tell you what nail designs are trendy in this season. A stylish manicure matches any look, whether it is the evening toilet or your everyday attire. However, nail designs have something to do not only with beauty and laconism but also with it “convenience.”

Current Trends in Nail Designs

Summer nail designs are to combine the rage of colors, whether it is a geometric design pattern or classic french. It is recommended to use gel as a nail cover, which is known to be high-abrasion. Medium or natural nail length are in trend this year, with the shape being gothic or almond-shaped – select the one that fits your nail plate. If you are a fan of short nails because it is practical, suitable for any profession and occasion, we have great news for you – you are following the trend, even without knowing about it.

In terms of the colour-grade, the combination of green and black in nail designs are top trend of this year. However, naturality is also on the make. Nails covered with a transparent gel base and the minimum design on them will fit absolutely any look. Want to know more about colors to be in trend in the next season? The main color of fashionable manicure in 2018-2019 is ultraviolet. If you think that the ultraviolet in clothes looks too provocative, take it to your nail arsenal! Nails painted in ultraviolet, lilac, and all shades of violet look just wow. Especially in spring and summer!

Manicure as the Addition to Makeup

Stylists have long determined that creating a harmonious image requires absolute compatibility of all shades in makeup, clothes, accessories, and nail designs. Obviously, this rule is related to not only the selection of make colors or clothes; it has also something to do with the choice of the appropriate shade of nail polish. If you have no idea on what to select – picking nail color and lipstick in one colour-grade is the right approach. Such a trend appeared many years ago thanks to the observance of one stylist, who noticed a certain dissonance in the image of a lady sitting at a table in front of him. It was at the moment when she put her hand to the napkin to her lips to get them wet. This is how the idea and trend emerged in the fashion industry.