How to Do a Messy Bun for Long Thick Hair

How to do a perfect messy bun if you have an extremely thick hair texture? How to make it stay all day long without the need to check your hairstyle every hour?

The longer your hair is, the more options on how to do a messy bun you have. Impressed? There are more ways of doing a messy bun than you probably think. Some of them are romantic, some of them are casual, and some of them are workout ready. You can choose a bun hairstyle depending on time you have, the place you go, and the hair texture, of course.

If you have a couple of minutes in the morning, you can go for the next hairstyles.

3 Easy Buns for Long and Thick Hair

The following three ways of doing a messy bun are for those situations when you’re running late but still want to create something interesting with your hair. If you do everything right, these messy hairstyles will keep looking beautiful all day long. So, let’s have a look.

  • The first and the most important recommendation is to make a messy bun for second-day hair when your hair is not very clean already and not too dirty yet.Put your hair together in a high ponytail. Use an elastic to secure it. When pulling your hair through the elastic, leave some pieces out. Wrap the elastic again around the whole bun. Pull the bun in every direction to make sure it is secured well. You’ll get a big, messy bun. Take a hairspray and smooth down baby hairs near the forehead.
  • Create a very high ponytail. Use the fingers to smooth everything out. It gives a better texture and better effect for a messy look. Secure your hair with an elastic, leaving a tiny loop on the last time around. Pack the ends you’ve left back in the ponytail to make a bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  • And the last but not the least is a half top knot, which is also a variation of a bun for the women, who have very long and thick hair. To get lots of volume, curl your hair in advance. The curls shouldn’t be perfect. Use either a 1 ½ inch or 1 ¼ inch curling iron. Gather a top layer just above the ears and pull it back into a high ponytail. You can take as much or as little hair as you want, depending on which look you prefer more. Pull it up and create a bun. Make sure you don’t pull it too tight. Leave volume in the front. Secure it with an elastic or bobby pins (what’s better for you). Let it look effortless and messy. Tease hair a little bit. Secure with a hairspray, so the curls will stay all day long.

All of these hairstyles perfectly match any outfit and makeup. And you can wear them to a gym as well as a romantic dinner.



Best Lipsense Color for Fair Skin

The choice of lipstick is always exciting. It is sometimes difficult to pick the right color since the whole look depends on it. It is even harder to choose a natural lip liner. If you are facing the problem of selection a license, we are ready to help!

How to choose your ideal lipstick? Should its tone be lighter or darker? It seems to be an easy thing to decide on your makeup colors, but, in fact, it isn’t so. Do not panic – we are girls and have the arsenal in our beauty bag.

The skin of the lips is as gentle as the décolleté zone. It is constantly exposed to the external environment, which can be explained by the absence of a hydro-lipid barrier. Therefore, the main rule for your selection of lipstick is its moisturizing and nutrition function. However, if it is all about color, we have prepared five rules for choosing the ideal colors of lipstick for your fair skin type.

1. Pigmentation on the face

If you have pigmentation or a vascular reticulum on the face, do not pick up a lipstick of a cold pink tone. It will accentuate brown spots on your face.

2. Lighting affects the color of lipstick

In winter and with artificial lighting, you need to be especially careful with coral color since it gives off a greenish color, thus, distorting both the color of the skin and lipstick.

3. Remember about your skin & hair color

Lipstick is never to be much lighter or darker compared to the face skin tone. In order to get the ideal tone of your lipstick, it is necessary to remember about your skin color. In case of a fair skin, it is better to pick light shades in cold colors (for example, light pink).

Lipstick of bright colors looks well on dark-haired girls, while blondes should use coral, lilac, berry, and peach colors in their makeup. Of course, these are general rules, so when picking any lipstick, pay attention to individual features of your face!

4. Lipstick is what we eat

You should not forget that lipstick is on our lips, so there is a probability that we “eat” it. Therefore, choose a quality product that doesn’t contain heavy and toxic metals among its ingredients, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, titanium and many others.  

5. How to do a lipstick test

For a test, put lipstick on your lips instead of your wrist! After all, the skin on different face/ body zones is different. It is best to conduct a lipstick test on the upper half of your lips; the shadow will not fall there. What is more, you can use modern technologies and beauty applications to play with lipstick shades on your face.


Green and Black Nail Designs as a Trend of 2018

How to decorate your nails and make sure you are following the trend? What nail designs are considered must-have of 2018? If you do not track nail art trends, we will guide you and will tell you what nail designs are trendy in this season. A stylish manicure matches any look, whether it is the evening toilet or your everyday attire. However, nail designs have something to do not only with beauty and laconism but also with it “convenience.”

Current Trends in Nail Designs

Summer nail designs are to combine the rage of colors, whether it is a geometric design pattern or classic french. It is recommended to use gel as a nail cover, which is known to be high-abrasion. Medium or natural nail length are in trend this year, with the shape being gothic or almond-shaped – select the one that fits your nail plate. If you are a fan of short nails because it is practical, suitable for any profession and occasion, we have great news for you – you are following the trend, even without knowing about it.

In terms of the colour-grade, the combination of green and black in nail designs are top trend of this year. However, naturality is also on the make. Nails covered with a transparent gel base and the minimum design on them will fit absolutely any look. Want to know more about colors to be in trend in the next season? The main color of fashionable manicure in 2018-2019 is ultraviolet. If you think that the ultraviolet in clothes looks too provocative, take it to your nail arsenal! Nails painted in ultraviolet, lilac, and all shades of violet look just wow. Especially in spring and summer!

Manicure as the Addition to Makeup

Stylists have long determined that creating a harmonious image requires absolute compatibility of all shades in makeup, clothes, accessories, and nail designs. Obviously, this rule is related to not only the selection of make colors or clothes; it has also something to do with the choice of the appropriate shade of nail polish. If you have no idea on what to select – picking nail color and lipstick in one colour-grade is the right approach. Such a trend appeared many years ago thanks to the observance of one stylist, who noticed a certain dissonance in the image of a lady sitting at a table in front of him. It was at the moment when she put her hand to the napkin to her lips to get them wet. This is how the idea and trend emerged in the fashion industry.


How to Wear Black Lip Liner with Red Lipstick Look

Deep red ombre look with black lip liner and red lipstick is a trendy combination for autumn. When can you wear such a classy bright makeup look if not in the fall?

The season of red leaves, rainy days, and cold weather is a perfect one for a bright lipstick complemented with chunky sweaters and coats. If you are tired of a classic red lipstick look, try something different. For example, black and red. Why not? Maybe you would like it even more? This look has already appeared at so many runway shows and has been worn by so many celebrities.

So, let’s have a look how to recreate those velvet ombre lips at home and what clothes to combine them with.

Glam Autumn Makeup: Red Ombre Lips

You don’t have to be a makeup artist or a beauty blogger to recreate this look by yourself. Just follow the recommendations below and you’ll get a fantastic result.

  • Obviously, you’re going to need a black lip pencil (eye pencil) and a red lipstick. We recommend a matte lipstick. So, take the liner and outline the lips. Don’t rush, do everything slowly to achieve a perfect line. Then, use it on the lips directly, apply it towards the middle of the lips. Thus, the edges of the lips have to be colored with black liner completely. Don’t touch the middle. There  the red lipstick is going to be. Then, take a liquid lip color in red and go over the lips. The black should be seen through the liquid lipstick from underneath. If you want even a more dramatic effect, take a black lipstick and go over the edges one more time.
  • For a flawless look, take a concealer and a brush. Go around the edges to sharpen the lips and make them look perfect.
  • How to wear such a dramatic makeup? You have several different options depending on the occasion you’re preparing to. If it is a day look, go for natural eye makeup without eyeshadows. Use mascara only. If it is an evening look, you can do gold or dark smokey eyes. Another option is to complement ombre lips with black eyeliner. But it is more of a holiday look.
  • What clothes to wear with such a dark lip color? If you want your lips to stand out even more, go for a black dress or a black sweater and a pair of black jeans. Or you can wear a white top if you want to balance the look a little bit. Stay away from bright colors. Most bright colors don’t go with such a dark lip shade.

There is nothing difficult in doing a velvet ombre lip effect at home. Be patient and you’ll get a perfect result.


Can You Wear Green Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?

Most fashion blogs, articles, and makeup artists claim that the perfect makeup for your eyes is the color opposite to the color of the eyes. Thus, if you have dark brown eyes, green and rose complement them most. If you have blue eyes, you are recommended to wear gold and red colors on the eyelids. And if you are of those who have deep green eyes, you are recommended to use darker colors only. Is it true?

Of course, there are some colors, which make our eyes more or less bright. But this doesn’t mean you can’t play with makeup and wear the colors you want. The secret formula is to know how to do makeup properly to make even a green shade complement your beautiful olive eyes.

So, let’s learn how to use green shades for green eyes.

Makeup Tutorial for Green Eyes

Always go for a smokey effect.

  • First of all, avoid bright shades. You want something soft. For example, olive, artichoke, emerald, or sage. These tones are the easiest ones to adapt to green eyes. If you use lime or mint shade, you risk losing the calmness and freshness the green color has.
  • For the first look, prep your eyes with an eyeshadow base. Take a peach tone and cover the eyelid. This will help the further layers to blend better. Take a darker orange tone as a transition color and blend it directly in the crease. Take a darker green tone and put it in the outer corner. Blend a little bit. Then, take an olive or emerald tone, which is lighter than the previous shade and cover the eyelid in the middle. Blend everything together. Use a green shadow with a shimmer directly in the middle of the eyelid. Then, take a black eyeliner and draw a wing. Use the same colors on your lower lashline. Blend to create a smokey effect.
  • The second look is more of a daytime. You need three shades of green (from the lightest to the darkest). Take the lightest shade and apply it all over the eyelid. Take the darker shade and apply it in the center and in the corner of the eye. Blend it well into the crease. Take the same color and line the waterline and the lower lashline. Then, take the darkest shade and emphasize the corner once more. Blend it well.

Even a green color can perfectly match green eyes if it is used in a proper shade. Try wearing more olive, artichoke, and sage colors.